Mindfulness Course

  • Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? At the end of your tether?
  • Are you running around like a maniac and not achieving anything?
  • Are you constantly thinking about what you ‘should’ be doing and worrying constantly?
  • Are you curious about how Mindfulness might help you?

Trust me, I have been there!  I have been that bear with a sore head that no one wants to approach in case I go off on one! It was miserable for me and miserable for the people around me.

What would it be like if you could get control of your stress? Can you imagine how great it would be to feel calm and to be able to take everything in your stride? How would it be if you were no longer snapping at everyone but were happy instead?

During this course you will learn how mindfulness can support you to reduce stress, develop mindfulness techniques that will fit into your daily life, and learn what your triggers are and how to deal with them.

What does the course include?

  • Each week we will cover a different mindfulness practice and discuss how you can use this in your every day life.
  • We will cover practices including mindful movement, guided mindfulness, and how you can be mindful in every day moments
  • Each week there will be the opportunity to discuss progress and to share learning and experience
  • We will be talking about journaling and how this can support your mindfulness practice
  • We will have a different journaling exercise each week to work through any issues and to create your new reality.
  • We will talk about quick tips and techniques to manage stress on a daily basis and you will learn strategies for dealing with day to day anxiety and stress
  • You will have access to recordings of each of the mindfulness exercises to download and keep and use in your own time
  • You will be completely supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Your investment in this 8 week programme is £120.

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What people are saying about the course:

“I have noticed a huge difference.  I am not as stressed and am more mindful of every day things which means that I can control my thoughts and make choices about my mood. My chaos is more organised!”

I have managed to reduce my reliance on painkillers through learning a variety of strategies and being more mindful and present.”

  • Do you want the tools and techniques to master your stress and manage your worries?
  • Do you want to feel in control of your life again?
  • Do you want to live in the present moment?
  • Do you want to learn the lifetime skills and techniques to get a more peaceful life?

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A payment plan is available – with the first payment due on the first class and the second payment on the 5th week of the course.

What will you have at the end of the course? 

  • You will have the tools and techniques to manage your stress on a daily basis.
  • You will be sleeping better?
  • You will feel calmer and more in control of your life.
  • You will have better relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues
  • You will have a better life-work balance as you will be able to switch off at the end of the day.
  • You will be able to manage overwhelm and be more focused.

If this sounds good to you get in touch and book your place today.

“I am less anxious and much calmer. I have noticed a significant difference and feel that I have control over my thoughts and I am sleeping much better.”

Why work with me?

Back in 1999 my life fell apart! When I looked at the list of the 10 most stressful life events I managed to have 7 of them happen in 12 months. I was diagnosed with depression and spent many years on medication and going to various different types of counselling. Sometimes I would be doing OK and then suddenly the black hole would open up and the depression came flooding back. I struggled with overwhelm, anxiety, stress, insomnia and just felt exhausted most of the time.

Then I started working on myself. I have worked with some amazing coaches, therapists and mentors and I have turned my life around. So I went and trained in coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and various other techniques and now I love my work supporting people to find their purpose and peace. Mindfulness is part of my daily practice and I love sharing this amazing approach with others.