Managing Stress and Anxiety Programme

Is stress or anxiety ruining your life?

Do you feel constantly wrung out, exhausted and on edge?

  • Maybe work is stressing you out; too much to do and not enough time to do it, or an over-demanding boss, or poor relationships with work colleagues.
  • Or maybe you are stressed by a big event coming up, perhaps a wedding or a big presentation, and you can’t seem to catch your breath.
  • Or maybe you feel anxious about meeting new people or walking into unfamiliar situations.

Whatever the cause of your stress or anxiety you are not alone. Everyone suffers from stress or anxious moments at some point in their lives Stress is the greatest single cause of absence from work at around 35% of all absences, costing a huge 9.9 million days of absence in 2014/15 (HSE).

A small amount of stress or nervousness can be a good thing. It can motivate us to better performance. Think of when you have to speak in public and you get the butterflies in your tummy. Every performer feels that and it can give us the rush to perform well.

But stress can also disable us as well. It can build up to a point where we get stuck, we can’t think straight, we can’t see the wood for the trees, we get brain fog. Believe me we have all been there! But in the worst cases stress and anxiety can lead to some pretty serious illnesses such as IBS, migraines, raised blood pressure, and it is linked to obesity and all of the problems that being overweight can create.

So imagine a life where you are stress free! Imagine you can see clearly, you have increased confidence, you feel in control of your life, and you can enjoy yourself again without worry, stress or anxiety.

My 6 session programme starts with an intensive 90 minute session to understand the causes of your stress or anxiety and to start to work on those causes. The following sessions will be a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching and other techniques to reduce stress and anxiety levels. During the sessions I will also reach you a number of techniques to develop your confidence and to manage stress and anxiety and to nip it in the bud when you are faced with difficult situations.

This 6 session programme costs £500 and by the end of it you will be able to identify your stress and anxiety triggers, you will have a range of tools to manage every day situations, and you will have clarity and be able to enjoy life again worry free.

Here’s what a previous client had to say about this programme:

I’ve suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember and relatively often I would suffer from anxiety attacks which would really take their toll mentally and physically. I chose to work with Annabel as I liked that fact that she used a variety of techniques and tailored them specifically to her clients and the situation or anxiety at hand in my case. After a couple of months I had made great progress, not only was I sleeping better and having less frequent anxiety attacks but in certain, previously anxiety inducing situations, I noticed that I felt a lot more in control. I’d definitely recommend Annabel to anyone looking for a therapist”  Sophie, Leics

So get in touch now to book a call to discuss how this programme will help you.