Your 90 Days to Clarity, Confidence and Change

  • Do you feel like everyone around you has their shit together and that you are just coasting?
  • Have you found yourself struggling to find your purpose in life and are not sure which way to go?
  • Are you questioning where you are going and what it’s all about?

You are not alone!

A lot of us have come to a crossroads in life and been paralysed by fear, indecision and panic at the thought of having to make a choice – What if you make the wrong choice?  What if you can’t do it?  What if someone ‘finds you out’?

Why I am passionate about supporting you

I was at a crossroads in 2011.  I had been made redundant for the 5th time and was feeling disheartened and out of love with my chosen career in HR.  I had lost my confidence, I had had enough of what HR had become – counting things and working out new ways of restructuring teams – aka making people redundant!  I was fed up of feeling crushed every day and shattered when I got home.

I wasn’t really clear on why things had gone so wrong.  I had worked hard to be good at what I did but suddenly found myself looking over my shoulder waiting for someone to tell me that I was rubbish.  I felt stressed, anxious and trapped.

I worked with two amazing coaches who really opened up my world.  I realised that my values – truth, integrity, supporting – were being compromised and this had created a real conflict for me which was literally making me sick. My coaches challenged and encouraged me to find my purpose and to honour my own values.  So I decided to become a coach and to work with people to help them find their way.  I am passionate about helping people to find their clarity, to find their confidence and to make the changes to create the lives that they deserve, to avoid people having to feel like I did.

Have you ever asked ‘who am I?’  Have you ever looked at your life and wondered ‘how the hell did I get here?’.  Have you even gone as far as saying that you hate your life?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

  • Have you recently found yourself in a new position and feel like an imposter and are just waiting to be caught out?
  • Are you planning to retire or go back to work or to change jobs or career?
  • Are you feeling trapped and unhappy and can’t see a way out?

Work with me

If you are ready for real transformation, if you are looking to transition your life from the mundane and uncertain to get the life that you really desire then this programme is for you.

Over 90 days you get full access to me in a unique and bespoke programme to support you fully in getting the life you desire.

We will start with a 90 minute face to face session to work through what you desire and to map out how we will be working together.  The next follow up session will focus on your values – what they are and how to honour them in your life.  There will then be a further 6 sessions to be taken as you need them over the 90 days with ongoing email support over the 3 months.

In 90 days you will get:

  • Complete clarity on your purpose and direction
  • Confidence on what steps to take next and support review and adapt
  • Strategies to deal with stress and anxiety if they come up
  • Clarity on your desires and how to get the life you really deserve.
  • Agreed actions to take to change your life with support and accountability every step of the way.

This is a highly tailored package.  It is designed around you and what you need.  You will have access to me for 90 days to support you as you need with 8 face to face or Zoom sessions included.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are fed up of being afraid and are ready to take action
  • You are truly committed to finding a new way of doing things
  • You are ready to take a chance and to find your true purpose.

This programme is not for you if:

  • You are happy with the status quo and don’t believe that you can change or are not willing to give it a go
  • You are so invested in your moaning rut that there is no return
  • You are happy being frustrated, stuck and being beige.

Your investment in you

Your investment in your clarity, confidence and change is £1,000 and you can pay this over 3 monthly instalments of £334.


You will also get access to any of my online programmes that are available during our time working together. These are worth £97 each.

What Now?

Book a discovery call now to discuss how together we can transform your life from uncertain and scared to Wow! in 90 days.