What’s Your TNT? – Tiny Noticeable Things


What’s your TNT? Tiny Noticeable Thing

We all have busy lives and are constantly having to juggle between work, family and other things in our lives. Often trying to fit in new things is difficult even when we know they are good for us. We know that we should be eating less, eating more healthily and doing more exercise. But wholesale change is tough.

So let me introduce you to TNT!  TNT stands for Tiny Noticeable Things. So what’s your TNT?

By doing Tiny Noticeable Things we can make a real difference to our health.  Try some of these:


  1. Parking a bit further a way from the supermarket or office and walking a few steps further each day
  2. Each time you go up the stairs, go back down and up again
  3. Use the stairs rather than the lift
  4. Have one more portion of fruit or vegetables than you usually would
  5. Leave a spoonful or forkful of food on the plate
  6. Drink one more glass of water than you usually do
  7. Eat one less potato
  8. Stand more each day – The results from the BBC programme ‘Trust me I’m a doctor‘ make interesting reading!
  9. Get a bit more sleep each night – you should be aiming for 8 hours
  10. Gradually reduce your sugar intake.

Try adding one of these Tiny Noticeable Things into your daily routine each day and add in some of your own and you will soon notice a BIG difference in your life and your health.  What are your TNTs?


With thanks to Mark Benn of Slim Thinkers for the idea!

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