What’s Your TNT? – Tiny Noticeable Things


What’s your TNT? Tiny Noticeable Thing

We all have busy lives and are constantly having to juggle between work, family and other things in our lives. Often trying to fit in new things is difficult even when we know they are good for us. We know that we should be eating less, eating more healthily and doing more exercise. But wholesale change is tough.

So let me introduce you to TNT!  TNT stands for Tiny Noticeable Things. So what’s your TNT?

By doing Tiny Noticeable Things we can make a real difference [Read more…]

Is clutter messing with you life? Do you need to declutter?

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Is clutter messing up your life?

I have just come back from the post office after sending off a load of stuff I sold on Ebay and I was reflecting that every client I have worked with has had some issues with clutter in their life! We surround ourselves with ‘stuff’ and for various reasons we seem to be reluctant to get rid of it. The physical mess surrounding us each day – at our desks, in the spare bedroom or just that drawer in the kitchen – has an interesting relationship with the clutter we carry around in our heads. Often the physical clutter can be a manifestation of a cluttered mind or it can be a block to helping us move on. So is clutter messing with your life? Do you feel disorganised? Do you need to declutter? Here are some quick tips to help you.

So, as it is a beautiful spring day, I thought that I would share some tips on getting rid of the physical mess to help you [Read more…]