Are you feeling lucky? Can you change your luck?

I have just watched the Derren Brown show – The Secret of Luck which was fascinating and has confirmed my firmly held belief that luck does not actually exist! So are you feeling lucky? Can you change your luck?

grunge-lucky-horseshoe-1013tm-pic-1536The experiment was designed to test whether patting a ‘lucky’ dog statue actually created good luck for residents of a Yorkshire town.  What it actually demonstrated was that people who are open to opportunities presented to them are more likely to benefit from that openness.

‘Luck’, ‘fate, ‘fortune’ or whatever you prefer to call it is all about being open to experiences and whether you are ready and able to embrace opportunities.  So often people walk around convinced that they are unlucky and that it is not worth them trying anything as it will only fail.  This becomes a self fulfilling prophesy as their unwillingness to enter into anything outside of their comfort zone means that they will continue to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result – Einstein called this the definition of insanity!

It is only by being open to new ideas and moving outside of our comfort zone [Read more…]