My Story

I started working in human resources over 20 years ago. To start with I thought that this was my true calling in life. I loved what I did. I loved supporting managers and teams to be the very best that they could. But over time I became frustrated as I was being away from doing what I loved into aspects of the job I didn’t care about as much as supporting people.

I found that I was no longer able to be authentic. I found that I was constantly having to compromise my own values for the aims of the organisations I was working for. It became uncomfortable, stressful, and I started suffering from depression.

I had decided to go back to university to study Psychology and this started to open my eyes. I found the various aspects of psychology completely fascinating and was really drawn to understanding some of the workings of the mind.

So when I was made redundant for the 5th time (yes 5th!) I decided that I wanted to focus on what I really care about and I set about training in coaching and NLP. Then I came across hypnotherapy. I was suffering from stress,depression, and I had had IBS on and off for some time, and needed some help. So I saw a number of hypnotherapists and became fascinated by the change I could see in myself.  So I studied hypnotherapy and I haven’t stopped learning since! I have added a load more training and techniques to my portfolio and my practice is always developing.

I work with a range of people from different backgrounds, careers, and lives to support them to focus on what they really want from their lives and then break down the steps into easy, bite size chunks to take action to make it happen.

My values are:

  • Honesty
  • Support
  • Authenticity
  • Development

And I bring these into my relationships with my clients.

I love teaching and I work with clients to teach them tools and strategies to work on outside of our sessions to ensure that they are able to be the best they can be after our sessions are finished.

I fully intend to continue my journey with learning and developing so that I can support my clients to learn and develop. For me there is absolutely nothing better than seeing a client open up, accept change, and move forward with their lives.