What happens in a session of NLP or Coaching?

Some clients are a little anxious about what will happen during a session – but there is really no need! So this page explains a bit about what happens in a session of NLP or coaching.

The first session is all about getting to know you.  It’s important to understand what brought you to seek help. So we will have a chat about what is concerning you and why it is problem for you and what you expect to get out of our sessions.  We will then talk about what we can do help you with your concerns.

I use a combination of NLP, guided visualisations, relaxation techniques and coaching.  This means that I have lots of tools available to me to help you. Sometimes this means me asking you lots of questions to help you work out what actions you are going to take.  We will break everything down into manageable chunks to make it easier to see what the problems are and what the solutions are.

Sometimes we will be doing some work to break your habits – NLP is all about changing the way you think about things.  For example, phobias are usually learned from someone in our life or a particular incident so we go back to when you first found you had the phobia, work out what happened and then change the way you think about it.  It is a really powerful and effective way of managing and modifying your behaviours.

Sometimes we will do some guided visualisation and relaxation techniques.  This means that you will go into a trance – a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state – and I will talk your unconscious mind.  You will be completely in control and can come out of the trance at any time.  But, by being in a hypnotic state, we can work with the unconscious blocks that you may not be willing or able to identify when you are fully conscious.  I will sometimes, with your permission, record the session and give you a CD to take away and listen to between sessions to reinforce the learning from the session.

So that’s it – nothing to worry about. I offer a free phone consultation t talk through your issues and how I can help and talk you through what you can expect – so why not give me a call today on 07971 902406 and we can set that up.