Why Goal Setting is my Superpower!

Why goal setting is my Superpower!

Do you set goals? Targets? Objectives? If not, I’d be really interested in knowing why not!

For me goal setting is my superpower!

I worked in the corporate world for many years before setting up my own business. I was used to having objectives set for me. Having targets for projects, having objectives in my annual appraisal. And I worked hard to achieve these.

But then I decided to go my own way and I found myself rebelling against them! I wasn’t working for anyone else so why bother? But I found myself drifting and just getting by and I looked at my business and it was fantastic! I love helping people and seeing them transform in front of my eyes.

But then I realised that I could do more. I could support more people. I could do more for more people. So I started setting myself clear goals and targets. I set income targets, goals for numbers of new clients, objectives for my marketing. Then I set targets for my health and fitness. Then I found myself setting goals and targets for just about everything in my life.

Then I noticed that things started to really shift.  I found myself being more focussed, more productive, achieving my targets/goals/objectives and then setting more stretching targets and achieving them!

Goal setting was always something that I talked to clients about – it is an essential part of the coaching process. But since I noticed the massive changes I was seeing in my own life, I have become almost fanatical about it! And again I have seen amazing changes in my clients since we have become more focussed on the goals.

Knowing WHAT you are working towards and WHY are you doing it is vital to get what you want. The HOW will follow!

So I am inviting you to get clear about your goals/dreams/resolutions/objectives/targets – whatever it is that resonates with you.

Why not join my 14 day challenge – spring clean your resolutions and get really clear on what you want to achieve this year?

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