Getting your dreams to come true

Jane has been working really hard on setting up her business. She has decided on her company name, her logo and what services she will be offering. She has worked out her marketing strategy and decided on what she needs to do next. But then Jane stopped progressing her actions and came up with excuses about why she had not moved on.

Sound familiar?

I have come across this a number of times with clients and the answer I am usually given is that they lack confidence to move forward or get overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to achieve their outcomes.

So what’s the answer?

It’s quite simple really – have clearly defined goals to drive you towards your ambition. So you are sitting there saying “but I have done that and it doesn’t work”. But have you really? Have you really spent some time thinking about what you want and what it looks like?

I use a combination of Coaching and NLP techniques to help clients define their goals and there are a number of tips to consider when setting goals.

  1. Make it positive. Don’t think about what you are trying to avoid – think about what you really want. Often our goals are about not wanting to work for a company anymore rather than being about gaining financial freedom or more time.
  2. Picture the outcome. This is where NLP comes in – really imagine what the future looks like, sounds like, feels like. Where are you? What are you doing? What is around you? Really picture the image.
  3. Be specific. When will you achieve the outcome? How will you measure it? For example by 31st March you will have billed £1,000 of work.
  4. Think about your resources. What resources do you have and what resources do you need? Can you achieve your outcome with the money, time and knowledge that you have? Or do you need to bring in some expertise to get the job done?
  5. Think about the consequences of your goal. Are you comfortable that your goal fits your own values? Will they have an impact on anyone else? Are they are aware of that and are they happy to support your goals.
  6. Remind yourself every day about your goal – put notes on your bathroom mirror, your desk, your fridge – anywhere that you look on a regular basis.

Use these principles for any goal from clearing out your wardrobe to setting up a business and you can increase your chance of success.

Working with a coach and NLP practitioner can really boost your chances of achieving whatever you want in your life! Remember that goals are dreams with deadlines!


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