Self Confidence

Turn up your Confidence

Confidence is something that nearly all of need a bit more of. Nearly every client I have worked with – however successful they appear on the outside – has some issue with confidence. So you are not alone!

Sometimes clients need the confidence to face new challenges or change old habits. Sometimes clients have ‘imposter syndrome’ – where they have found themselves in position where they are waiting for someone to call them out as a fake, such as in a new job.

I use a range of tools and techniques to work through confidence issues. This can be quite challenging as many of these issues are deep seated and can even come from childhood issues. I often start with exploring the beliefs behind the confidence issues. We often make assumptions about what other people are thinking about us, how we are perceived by others etc. So the first thing is to think about whether these assumptions are true or not and what evidence there is to support them. I use CBT techniques and ‘homework assignments’ to start challenging negative self-talk – that little voice inside our heads which provides a running commentary about what we are doing. Then I use hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to scramble the assumptions and behaviours associated with these and to install new ways to thinking.

I also rehearse strategies and techniques with clients to get them through specific situations and anchor positive thoughts and situations with clients to help them in their day to day lives.

There are some simple little things you can do to help build up your confidence:

  • Try keeping a diary of achievements – each day think about what went well and write it down.  We have a tendency  to remember the bad things and to forget about the good things so writing down achievements everyday is a good way to start shifting our focus away from the not so good stuff.
  • When things don’t go so well shift your thinking to how you can learn from it and do better in the future rather than beating yourself up over it!

There are some great things to think about from LifeBuzz