Is clutter messing with you life? Do you need to declutter?

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Is clutter messing up your life?

I have just come back from the post office after sending off a load of stuff I sold on Ebay and I was reflecting that every client I have worked with has had some issues with clutter in their life! We surround ourselves with ‘stuff’ and for various reasons we seem to be reluctant to get rid of it. The physical mess surrounding us each day – at our desks, in the spare bedroom or just that drawer in the kitchen – has an interesting relationship with the clutter we carry around in our heads. Often the physical clutter can be a manifestation of a cluttered mind or it can be a block to helping us move on. So is clutter messing with your life? Do you feel disorganised? Do you need to declutter? Here are some quick tips to help you.

So, as it is a beautiful spring day, I thought that I would share some tips on getting rid of the physical mess to help you spring clean and also to help free up some of that valuable head space.

1.   Get a friend round to go through your wardrobe and chuck out anything that doesn’t fit or that you bought in a mad moment in the sales. A friend is far more likely to be critical (hopefully in a positive way!) to help you evaluate what you need, what suits you and what you really don’t need anymore.

2.  Get lots of lovely storage boxes, files and baskets to put things in. If you have proper places to put things you are more likely to use them. I am a self confessed stationery addict so I love pretty fileboxes and folders on my shelves.

3.  There are loads of places where you can get rid of unwanted books, DVDs and CDs now. For books try or Amazon marketplace. You can at least get some money back on books you no longer read. Blockbuster give you cash or credit on old DVDs. I haven’t yet tried but they take CDs and DVDs as well.

4.  Try a car boot sale or Ebay to get rid of stuff. Car boots can be fun and again you can get rid of stuff for some cash. There are also loads of groups on Facebook where you can list things you have for sale for free – try searching ‘things to sell in (your local town/area)’ and there are also loads of groups for specialist areas like horses, dogs and loads for selling children’s things as well.  For bigger items there is also Gumtree which is also free to advertise on. Anything that you do not sell either needs to be thrown out or taken to the charity shop or even put on

5.  Try the crate method. I can’t take credit for this – someone told me about it on a course but it is so powerful! Get one of those plastic crates from a DIY shop or Wilkinsons or similar and fill it with the stuff that needs sorting. You can then sit in front of the telly with a glass of wine and sort through everything in the box. There are rules to apply to this – you cannot put anything back in the box once you have taken it out and everything that gets taken out either needs to be put where is belongs or taken to the charity shop or thrown out. This very simple method allows you to break everything down in to manageable chunks and ensures that you actually do something with the clutter, not just tidy it into neater piles!

So take some time to go through your clutter and get rid of some of the stuff holding you back from realising your full potential. Just an hour a day can make a real difference to your space and your thoughts.

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