Breakfast Top Tips


Breakfast top tips

For me breakfast is the most difficult meal of the day. I know that it is the most important meal of the day. I understand the necessity of breaking your overnight fast and that it gets your metabolism moving. I have read loads of literature on how important breakfast is.  But still, for me personally, I would rather spend a few extra minutes in bed!

So here are a few breakfast top tips [Read more…]

What’s Your TNT? – Tiny Noticeable Things


What’s your TNT? Tiny Noticeable Thing

We all have busy lives and are constantly having to juggle between work, family and other things in our lives. Often trying to fit in new things is difficult even when we know they are good for us. We know that we should be eating less, eating more healthily and doing more exercise. But wholesale change is tough.

So let me introduce you to TNT!  TNT stands for Tiny Noticeable Things. So what’s your TNT?

By doing Tiny Noticeable Things we can make a real difference [Read more…]

It’s All About Mangoes!

Anyone who is interested in health and weight loss must have come across the latest superfood – the African mango. But has anyone actually found one? I live in a fairly large city and have scoured the markets, ethnic food shops and supermarkets and the closest I have got to African mangoes are from Peru!

But it turns out the only difference between African mangoes and those from other countries is to be found in the seed which contains some medicinal [Read more…]