Why Goal Setting is my Superpower!

Why goal setting is my Superpower!

Do you set goals? Targets? Objectives? If not, I’d be really interested in knowing why not!

For me goal setting is my superpower!

I worked in the corporate world for many years before setting up my own business. I was used to having objectives set for me. Having targets for projects, having objectives in my annual appraisal. And I worked hard to achieve these.

But then I decided to go my own way and I found myself rebelling against them! I wasn’t working for anyone else so why bother? But I found myself drifting and just getting by and I looked at my business [Read more…]

Have you failed on your resolutions already?

It’s that time of year when most people have failed to keep their resolutions on track in some way or another. Have you failed on your resolutions already?

  • Have you fallen out of love with your goals for this year?
  • Have you already gone back to old habits and behaviours?
  • Are you feeling fed up, despondent and at a loss on how to move things forward?
  • Do you feel like a failure?

I’m seeing a lot of stuff on Facebook about how February is the new January! [Read more…]

Are you having trouble with NATs? – Negative Automatic Thoughts that is!

sign direction negative - positiveNo, not the annoying little flying things but these NATs can be just as annoying! I am talking about trouble with Negative Automatic Thoughts. Those things that we think to ourselves which cause us to doubt ourselves or or those around us. Have you ever passed a friend in the street or the supermarket and they haven’t acknowledged you? What did you think at the time? Perhaps “Well, he was obviously busy and he didn’t have his glasses on. Never mind, I will give him a call later.” or maybe “He just ignored me.  I must have done something wrong. I must have said something wrong.” If you find yourself thinking [Read more…]

What’s Your TNT? – Tiny Noticeable Things


What’s your TNT? Tiny Noticeable Thing

We all have busy lives and are constantly having to juggle between work, family and other things in our lives. Often trying to fit in new things is difficult even when we know they are good for us. We know that we should be eating less, eating more healthily and doing more exercise. But wholesale change is tough.

So let me introduce you to TNT!  TNT stands for Tiny Noticeable Things. So what’s your TNT?

By doing Tiny Noticeable Things we can make a real difference [Read more…]

Is clutter messing with you life? Do you need to declutter?

Order Or Chaos Directions On A Signpost

Is clutter messing up your life?

I have just come back from the post office after sending off a load of stuff I sold on Ebay and I was reflecting that every client I have worked with has had some issues with clutter in their life! We surround ourselves with ‘stuff’ and for various reasons we seem to be reluctant to get rid of it. The physical mess surrounding us each day – at our desks, in the spare bedroom or just that drawer in the kitchen – has an interesting relationship with the clutter we carry around in our heads. Often the physical clutter can be a manifestation of a cluttered mind or it can be a block to helping us move on. So is clutter messing with your life? Do you feel disorganised? Do you need to declutter? Here are some quick tips to help you.

So, as it is a beautiful spring day, I thought that I would share some tips on getting rid of the physical mess to help you [Read more…]

Are you feeling lucky? Can you change your luck?

I have just watched the Derren Brown show – The Secret of Luck which was fascinating and has confirmed my firmly held belief that luck does not actually exist! So are you feeling lucky? Can you change your luck?

grunge-lucky-horseshoe-1013tm-pic-1536The experiment was designed to test whether patting a ‘lucky’ dog statue actually created good luck for residents of a Yorkshire town.  What it actually demonstrated was that people who are open to opportunities presented to them are more likely to benefit from that openness.

‘Luck’, ‘fate, ‘fortune’ or whatever you prefer to call it is all about being open to experiences and whether you are ready and able to embrace opportunities.  So often people walk around convinced that they are unlucky and that it is not worth them trying anything as it will only fail.  This becomes a self fulfilling prophesy as their unwillingness to enter into anything outside of their comfort zone means that they will continue to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result – Einstein called this the definition of insanity!

It is only by being open to new ideas and moving outside of our comfort zone [Read more…]

Getting your dreams to come true

Jane has been working really hard on setting up her business. She has decided on her company name, her logo and what services she will be offering. She has worked out her marketing strategy and decided on what she needs to do next. But then Jane stopped progressing her actions and came up with excuses about why she had not moved on.

Sound familiar?

I have come across this a number of times with clients and the answer I am usually given is that they lack confidence to move forward or get overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to achieve their outcomes.

So what’s the answer? [Read more…]