Blue Monday?


So today is supposed to be Blue Monday. The third Monday of January is supposed to be the day that we have already given up on our new year’s resolutions and are just too depressed or overwhelmed to carry on with the good intentions we set for the new year.  But it is only 3 weeks into the new year!  It is far too early to start giving up yet!

So if you are feeling overwhelmed and if you feel like giving up already here are some ideas for you to think about.

Why do resolutions fail?

Mostly because the resolutions that we set in the heat of the new year celebrationsare unrealistic! Did you say to yourself that you were going to lose weight? Get fitter? Be more focussed? Be more productive? These all sound great intentions – but are they specific enough? Are they really achievable? The problem with all of these intentions are that they are just too big! They are not realistic. So go back to your list and think about how you can make them more specific and measurable. So instead of ‘lose weight’ try ‘lose 1lb a week’ – this is clear, specific, achievable and realistic and over a year you will lost 52lbs or 3 1/2 stone!  Doesn’t that sound good?

Instead of ‘be more productive’ think about what you will actually do towards that – so setting aside time each day to do something specific – maybe throwing away some ‘stuff”, clearing out your email inbox so that you can see what actually needs to be done, or an hour a week to deal with bills.

Also, did you tell anyone about your resolutions? Did you get people engaged to help hold you accountable and get their support? If not, why not? This is not a solo game – you don’t win prizes for doing it all alone! Talk to the people around you – your family, your friends, your coach! Get them on board with what you are doing and why and ask them to support you.  Explain to your people why this is important to you and ask them how they can help you.

Stop beating yourself up! So you fell off the wagon today, what’s stopping you getting back on tomorrow? So you didn’t go to the gym over the weekend, why not go for a walk today instead? So you ate that cake in the office today, just make sure that you have some healthy treats with you tomorrow to eat instead? Also, see the stuff about accountability and support. Talk to your co-workers and tell them that you don’t want cake, get an agreement in the office that you will have healthy snacks and not bring in cake.

Tackle things one at a time.  Trying to change everything about ourselves in one go is just too big to deal with. Focus on one thing until you are comfortable with it. So for the rest of the month just focus on one behaviour and once this becomes easy, start on the next.

Remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life. The 1st January is just a date on the calendar – it doesn’t actually mean anything. It is just a convenient way of counting time and there is no real significance to it. So, whilst the media might be talking about Blue Monday, today is just another day and tomorrow is a whole new shiny opportunity to get the life you want and deserve.

Here’s to 349 new opportunities for 2017!



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